Report 2024 Clean and Green . pdf

On Tuesday April 23, 2024, the Luray Parks & Recreation Department along with the Hawksbill Greenway Foundation held their 2nd Annual Luray Greenway Trail & Hawksbill Creek clean-up event. The event acknowledges and celebrates Earth Day. The “Clean and Green” event supports The Shenandoah and Potomac Riverkeepers, “Trash Free Shenandoah Initiative.” The creek is a tributary to the Shenandoah River.

24 adults and 5 youth volunteered to remove trash from the 1.5-mile Greenway Trail and the Hawksbill Creek. Additionally, 6 Luray Parks and Rec team members removed fishing lines, lures, and fishing debris from the trees and along the creek. 1 adult and 1 youth focused on removing trash and cigarette butts from the parking lots to prevent it from blowing into the creek.

One full-size pickup truck of trash was removed at the conclusion of the “Clean and Green” event. We are grateful to the many Page County environmental advocates who worked together during this event to preserve the land, creek, & wildlife habitat in Luray now and for the generations to come!

Gladys McNemar reports: “The trash removal was much better this year. We took 2 full size truck loads out last year. This year the truck bed had the limbs of trees they had to cut off to get the fishing line. So that added bulk.

Probably 1/2 of the trash is old, been there a long time and was missed last year or washed downstream. I walk the Greenway everyday and pleased to say there is very little litter. The parking lot cigarette butts is another story.”

2024 Volunteers
Laura Kresse
Terry Cotton
Bill Dudley
Paula Atwood
Wally Lunceford
Lauren Canady
Georgette Vougias
Karen Wolfe
Linda Dudley
Xander Griffith
Francy Williams
Larry Wolfe
Diane Davis
Lily Muehlebach
Brenda Dodson
John Mayeux
Vern Pond
Tom Kelley
Lisa Filipy
Margaret Stevenson

Luray Middle School TOP Club Volunteers

Seth Bellows
Xander Griffith
Lily Muehlebach
Aaliyah Waters
Noah Daley

Liz Miller
Amanda Keyton
Eva Robertson