Greenway Information

Updates on Happenings on the Greenway

Remember Bike And Pedestrian Safety On The Greenway

Because the Greenway is a multi-use casual leisure trail, extreme caution and courtesy need to be observed when operating any type of equipment, including bicycles and roller-blades on the Greenway.

Biking on the Greenway

Due to the number of walkers, runners, and children who occupy the Greenway paths, cyclists, in particular, need to use appropriate speeds (high speeds are not permitted on the Greenway) and yield the right of way to all pedestrians.

Cyclists should exercise added caution on descending ramps, bridge areas, and turns where pedestrians or children may be less visible. Serious injury can result from inappropriate cycling on the Greenway.

Please remember that this is a shared space. Caution and courtesy are essential for the safety and enjoyment of everyone who makes use of our award-winning Greenway paths.

More Visitors Impressed by our Hawksbill Greenway

On May 12 -13, 2011, a group of visitors from Blacksburg, Wytheville, Glade Springs, St. Paul, and Bland, Virginia spent 2 days in Luray. They walked our Hawksbill Greenway, stayed at the Mimslyn Inn, ate at Artisans Grill and asked lots of questions about how our town planned and developed the Greenway.

A special 2 hour round table discussion was held at the Chamber Office in the Train Depot with Foundation Board members, Pat O’Brien, Mayor Presgraves, Ligon Webb, and Chris Anderson. The group had lots of questions and were quite impressed with what Luray has been able to accomplish. Also participating were professionals from SPS, Department of Conservation & Recreation and VDOF Paul Revell (now deceased) and his wife Lindy. Group members learned a lot about how Luray was able to develop such an outstanding Greenway and how they might go about doing the same in their towns.

  Greenway Accomplishments

  • Currently the foundation has been awarded a $ 5,000 start-up grant from Virginia Department of Forestry.
  • Applications have been made to the Kodak Fund (American Greenways) on behalf of Luray H.S. Science Club (The Waterdogs) who do water quality testing now and could expand testing to include the riparian buffer, and how the permeable surface parking protects the stream. We plan to submit a similar application in the fall to Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund.
  • The two restroom facilities have been opened.
  • Installation of a new water permeable parking lot at Phase Four of the Greenway at the Oscar Sours Bridge is complete. One section of the lot features pavers with a partial grassy area. Rain water which will collect below the surface will water the grass.

IMG_1473Excess water will drain via the sloped section into a future collection area and then into the new rain garden. There are grass plantings at the entrance. The borders are planted with grasses, trees, and shrubs, This area is sure to provide a welcoming entrance into Luray for both locals and visitors.

Cars may park on the “grassy” Turfstone area as well as the paver area. 

Parking spots are clearly marked.


If  you have questions regarding the Greenway, donating benches or trees, please contact the Luray Parks & Recreation Department here.