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The Greenway Foundation wishes to acknowledge those who have given donation in memory of friends and loved ones over the past several years.

  • If you would like to donate for future expansion of the Greenway, please make a check out to the “Hawksbill Greenway Foundation.” 
  • Send your check to P. O. BOx 629, Luray VA 22835.
  •  Include your Name, Complete Address, Email, Phone Number and Name of Person you are honoring…if you wish to do so.

Foundation Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Hawksbill Greenway Foundation is to promote community involvement in the continuing support of Luray’s Hawksbill Greenway and its park system.  This involvement will be enhanced by volunteers who donate their time toward this effort.
  • Hawksbill Greenway Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation created to make it feasible for the community at large to make tax -exempt donations and to enable the Foundation to apply for grants.  Specifically, we can accept funds, including private donations and grants, and manage them on behalf of the town of Luray.
  • Whereas the Hawksbill Greenway was created at a cost of over $3,500,000, it is now most important that monies be available for future maintenance and enhancement costs. The grants and monies received by the Hawksbill Greenway Foundation will help offset the continuing cost of this project and thus should not impact the budget of the Parks and Recreation Department.

 Community Involvement & Support


  • The Hawksbill Greenway project was initiated in 1999 and the award -winning trail was furnished with benches, tables, drinking fountains, etc. with donations from residents of Page County.
  •  The sixteen- acre riparian buffer and many of the trees were made possible by donations and grants from the Virginia Department of Forestry and Chesapeake Bay Trust.
  • The trail wanders for about two miles through the town of Luray and is heavily used by local people as well as visitors to the area.  Therefore, the continuing usage of the trails dictates a significant degree of maintenance.
  • The trail borders private property at various points and the community at large has shown that it understands the importance of respecting the privacy and property rights by using the trails appropriately.

Neighborhood walking trails such as this provide a safe setting for exercise and community activities as evidenced by the increased usage of this facility.   The Greenway is serving and will continue to serve for many years as a resource for nature-related recreation.

If you are interested in being involved with the foundation, please contact one of the Foundation Board Members.


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The Hawksbill Greenway is more than just a walking path. It’s the heart of our community in beautiful Luray, Virginia. Can we count on your support to maintain and expand the Greenway? Thank you for your support!

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If  you have questions regarding the Greenway, donating benches or trees, please contact the Luray Parks & Recreation Department here.

Email Greenway Foundation at: or call 540-669-0318