GEEA Luray 2

The Luray Hawksbill Greenway received an award from DEQ at VMI on April 5. Ken Beyer, Margaret Stevenson from the Foundations Board and Pat O’Brien and Morgan Housden from Luray Recreation Department attended the event.

Luray Hawksbill Greenway Trail – Virginia Outdoors Plan Implementation

The Luray Hawksbill Greenway Trail is being recognized as an example of exemplary implementation of the Virginia Outdoors Plan. Bordering the Hawksbill Creek, the Greenway is a 2-mile walking and biking trail that runs through the Town of Luray connecting neighborhoods and parking areas with the downtown shopping district.

The 10-foot corridor is protected by ownership or easements. The Greenway protects water quality with riparian buffers, community creak cleanups, J-hook structures to dissipate stream energy,
and monofilament fishing line and bait container recycling. Using informational kiosks and interpretive signage, the trail educates users on local history, native species, and pet waste cleanup campaigns.

Funding for the Greenway has come from Virginia Department of Forestry and Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) grants as well as community based individuals, organizations, and businesses. The Trail encourages wellness and connectivity by partnering with area health facilities, establishing community exercise classes, and offering free health screening. To motivate youth to participate in outdoor activities, another goal of the Virginia Outdoors Plan, Luray hosts an Annual Youth Trout Fishing Derby, 4th of July children’s activities, and school field trips along the Greenway.

See photos of the event below: